Should your growing small business invest in a catalogue today?

Your small organisation is finally reaching a stage of unstoppable growth. If you want to share your growth with your employees, customers, or even competitors—and at the same time market your brand—you can hire a catalogue printing company.

catalogue printing company

Many small businesses invest heaps of cash and efforts in digital marketing. While this is a smart move, they are definitely missing out by ignoring a traditional marketing method, specifically print marketing. One good example is catalogue printing.

Why you should invest in high quality catalogs

1. Flexible pricing bracket for your pocket

Catalog printing can be very adjustable for any project’s budget, since the pricing can change based on several factors. In particular, it can change depending on the quantity, materials, delivery, and turnaround time. Its overall price can even range from $50 to $9,000, or more. You can additionally save more if you buy in a bulk and if you find a design-print service, since you won’t hire a graphic designer anymore.

2. Good tools for building trust

There are plenty of tools for creating trust, but the catalog’s accessibility makes it a great tool for this goal. As a growing company, you should share your goals and visions with your customers and even with your staff. You can easily do this with the help of a reliable catalogue printing company in Dallas. Doing this will make your customers and staff feel more involved, creating a bond between them and your brand.

3. Establishes authority among your industry

Another good reason to invest in catalogs is to display your knowledge and expertise. Or better yet, you can flaunt your achievements and activities. This way, you’ll establish your authority as a growing SMB. This is your chance to show everybody that an unstoppable business has arrived. A smart way to do this is by printing catalogs, as it will easily reach the right people. If you want to print a batch of samples, you can get yours printed here.

4. Provides value to your customers

Contrary to the popular notion, catalogs are not primarily for advertising. Sure, you can put your products there. Nevertheless, you must not make the catalog all about them. Therefore, you should provide informative content on your catalog. For instance, you can ask the catalogue printing company to add short recipes, listicles, short news, or even a one-page cartoon, if your business niche is for kids’ products.

5. Very customer-friendly

Of course, one undeniable feat of catalogs is that they’re friendly to customers. For example, because the contents are readable, customers who are in a hurry can easily digest the information. They can still get something of value. Take note, to present a meaty content, the editorial team must write an outline of the info you want to be printed. This way, you will be on the same page and no one will get upset about the final output.

6. Uncomplicated to distribute

If this isn’t obvious enough, catalogs are simple to pass around, especially if your shops have high foot traffic. You can also display them on your counter or near your entrance. And to make the customers grab a catalog, you can request the catalogue printing company to design the layout as striking as possible. The cover pages must tickle people’s curiosity to read what’s inside.

In a nutshell

Catalogue printing is often underrated. In reality, it’s the best cost-effective marketing tool for a growing SMB.

Get your top of the line catalogues.

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