Vital points to know before buying woodfired pizza ovens

The popularity of woodfired pizza ovens is now unstoppable among pizza lovers, and you would love to hop in the hype. However, you need to know important points first before buying a wood-fired oven.

Remember that these aren’t similar to the usual ovens you find in kitchens. These ovens could handle up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and requires specialized utensils, appropriate wood, and specific processes to cook your favourite pies.

And these are just a few of the vital points you should know about wood-fired pizza ovens.

What are the vital factors to consider before purchasing woodfired pizza ovens?

Before choosing from available outdoor wood fired pizza ovens, know about these points first. This could help you have ideas on what it’s like to own one on your yard.

Know the features and specifications you need

There are various styles and designs of woodfired ovens, each having particular specifications and features to meet specific needs. For example, you can choose large ovens to cook multiple pizza pies at once or cook some other dishes for a family meal.

However, regardless of design, style and size, choose wood-fired ovens that have the vital parts to handle extreme heat and provide proper convection to perfectly cook pizza pies and other dishes. For instance, it should have Biscotto or Saputo pizza stones, which is the only known material that could cook pizza pies on peak temperatures evenly.

Know about installing a wood fired oven on your yard

Woodfired pizza ovens are not simple household appliances that you can just put anywhere you like. It requires proper installation on your yard, or on areas where proper chimneys, exhaust systems, or ventilation is available.

In addition, some wood fired ovens requires access to gas or electricity, especially if it’s equipped with specialized lighters. Thus, you need to hire an expert to install it in your yard, or on any applicable areas of your property.

Know the important things you need to cook using a wood-fired oven

You need to have the best wood to cook using woodfired pizza ovens, and specific type of wood causes certain effects to the pies and dishes. For example, softwood should be avoided because it causes too much smoke, Walnut complements veggies very well, and Hickory is perfect for meat.

Aside from the wood, you also need cast iron equipment and utensils to cook anything in a wood-fired oven, as it could withstand extreme heat the oven could produce. Moreover, a specialized thermometer could be necessary to help you gauge the temperature inside.

Know how to use a wood-fired oven properly

Of course, you should know how to use woodfired pizza ovens to cook your favourite pizza pies and dishes. It could take quite a while to master though, especially with all the complicated handling of wood, fire and temperature.

Finally, remember to maintain and clean the oven properly. Remove all the ashes as much as possible, and wipe its wall surface and flooring using a water and vinegar solution.

Final notes

There you have it. You are now ready to buy your new woodfired pizza ovens and installed it in your yard. Feel free to connect with for more info, and to choose the best pizza ovens available.